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When Considering Casino Online Games for Real Money

In a modern world where a smartphone and tablet are unquestionably the most popular forums for casino play on the market, it is inevitable that mobile casinos are competing with online casinos in attracting users. This is great news for casino game enthusiasts and serious gamblers alike, as casino online games for real money are continuously being developed and released, especially since they are now available on either format.

This means, of course, that fresh roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, poker, video poker, keno and slots games are continuously appearing. On top of that old favourites in casino online games for real money are being presented in fresh ways, with more benefits.

A Positive Glut of Choice

The advantage of mobile devices is that all these games can be played whenever one wants to, in an instant. New HTML5 design technology means casino online games for real money are delivered with smooth gameplay on a screen big enough to give any casino game an authentic atmosphere. While this mobile access has many an advantage, and are small, mobile and fast enough to ensure this experience could happen simply anywhere, the online casino market remains the more stable, and is therefore often preferred by seasoned gaming enthusiasts.

Casino online games for real money in the USA is becoming a viable option in more and more states. With this exciting mode of gambling becoming available, along with ever-increasing internet access, it is therefore quite understandable that many people are being attracted to online casino game play.

A Brave New World

The current surge in popularity, along with the concomitant number of mobile and online casino sites, apps, services and facilities, means that there are huge amounts of new information, development advances, fresh game releases, and novel promotions and bonus becoming available to players from the USA all the time. The challenge to casino players is therefore more staying abreast of everything than actual access.

One would expect purveyors of casino online games for real money to be vying for as many players and visitors as possible. However, this has transpired not always to be the case. Many online casinos and thus mobile casinos too, actually target particular and specific niche markets like online pokies sites. They present a game menu that is specifically tailored to real money slots players, or poker players, or bingo players.

Choosing Right from the Start

This is why, right from the start, players should selectively make sure that their selection of casino online games to play for real money is at a casino that is credible, professional and essentially a legitimate casino gaming provider. Players should religiously check the certification, customer reviews and security provided, as this is particularly important with play in the USA.

As a general rule of safety and sensibility, the selection of an online or mobile casino, and apart from checking the available casino reviews, lies with an established, and reputable online casino. Most of these respected venues will present all their credentials on their home page, and should be able to eliminate players doubts and reservations with an active customer service department and details of casino industry registration and auditing.

Bork the Berserker

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Bork the Berserker Slot Is Original and Colourful

This is certainly an eye catching slot game. As the game begins you are shown a wall which suddenly starts to crumble and then is knocked down completely, and Bork appears with his ball and chain weapon. Bork then commences to smash his way through another wall too. Bork is a Berserker, a warrior in Norse mythology who had supernatural powers, and who worked himself into an uncontrollable fury when aiming to fight his enemies.

The Canada Slots Online game itself is squeezed into a rectangle frame with a backdrop of flames rising from the floor. Graphics are drawn in a cartoon like style, and the symbols on the reels consist of a variety of weird monsters. There is a creature with three eyes, horns and a wide open mouth, a blue creature with tentacles, and a green fish that is walking. These symbols mostly have the same value in the game, except for the purple Demon. Bork the Berserker is the Wild, and can replace any other symbol in the game to complete a winning combination, apart from the Scatter symbol.

The Sound and the Fury

The symbol with the highest value is the frightened Girl running from the clutches of the purple Demon, and if you find five of these symbols you will win fifty times your initial stake. There are also the traditional playing cards from ten to the Ace, which constitute the lower paying symbols. These playing cards are also designed to fit into the Norse mythology theme.

The sound in the background remains soft, but it increases in volume when Bork the Berserker appears in order to go on a killing spree against some of his enemies. This slot game has five reels and twenty five fixed pay lines, produced by Thunderkick. To gain a win, you will need to land at least three matching symbols on a win line from left to right.

Expanding Wilds

When the Bork the Berserker Wild symbol appears on reels two, three and four, it can become an expanding Wild. If Bork the Berserker forms part of a winning combination on a reel, he can expand to fill up that entire reel. Players who find Bork on a reel will also see an animated clip of Bork the Berserker finishing off a few enemies. If you manage to find more Wilds on a single spin, you could have more expanding Wilds, and many more wins. Bork does appear fairly often in this round, which gives many opportunities for large wins.

The Purple Demon and The Free Spins Round

The purple Demon is the Scatter symbol, and landing three or more anywhere on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus round. The free spins round begins with the purple demon dragging the Girl away, while Bork the Berserker builds himself up into a rage. The Free spins will be awarded depending on the number of purple Demons you found on the reels.  Three Demons will give you ten free spins, and four Demons will give you twenty free spins. If you land five purple Demons on the reels you will be given fifty free spins. The free spins round can be reactivated by landing more of the purple Demons.

Bork the Berserker is a slot game with a certain originality and unusual subject matter, and the graphics are definitely excellent.


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A Brief History Of Cycling and Cycling Betting

Cycling has not been around for long in comparison to other popular sports, having come about as a novelty only in the 1800s, and not being competitive by modern standards until the 1900s. The bicycle is a relatively new invention, and has undergone massive changes since its original inception. The earliest version of a bicycle was propelled by the legs of the rider, and was not an especially comfortable or convenient design. Regardless, the design was quickly adopted and modified in multiple countries. The first bicycle to use a peddle and crank system came about in 1868.

The 1868 design later developed into the more commonly known penny-farthing, named for the unusual size of its wheels. Although spectacular to look at, the penny-farthing was clumsy and awkward to ride. It was not until 1890 that bicycles began to resemble their modern design, and the period in time is commonly referred to as the ‘bicycle golden age.’ Bicycles became a phenomenon at this point, and exploded across the world with astonishing popularity. Only much would cycling evolve into morn competitive sport seen today.

Competitive Cycling

Competitive cycling is characterised by riders who aim to achieve a winning time over a regulated course. The sport can be classified into on-road and off-road versions, with on-road cycling taking place over tarred roads in relatively safe conditions, and off-road taking place over much more treacherous and difficult terrain. The off-road version is often referred to as BMX racing, named after a brand of bicycles specifically designed to tackle difficult terrain. Besides the terrain, one of the main differences is the type of bicycle used.

On-Road Cycling

On-road cycling uses a bicycle designed for speed, with the focus being on making the bicycle as light as possible. Small, exceptionally light frames are used, and as much unnecessary weight as possible is removed. The recognisable curved handlebars are designed to allow the rider to maintain control, while still weighing as little as is conceivable. The rider is also fitted to be as aerodynamic as can be achieved with specialised clothing and gear.

Off-Road Cycling

Off-road cycling requires bicycles that can deal with rough, difficult to traverse terrain. The bicycle designs feature much more robust wheel designs, and the handlebars allow for a tighter grip from the rider. The rider will also have protective gear to avoid injury.

Cycling Betting

Both off-road and on-road cycling has betting options, with the focus more on on-road events, such as the infamous Tour De France. Online bookmakers will often provide a list of popular riders with fixed odds, which helps bet makers narrow down the choices to a more manageable number. Since cycling events are often attended by hundreds of cyclists, understanding who the best choices are is essential.

A fixed odds bet means that the bookmaker will determine the likelihood of racers winning, and attach a fixed payout for that racer. The more likely the race is to win, the lower the payout will be. The less likely the racer is to win, the higher the payout will be. This keeps the betting scene interesting and exciting.

Crown Oaks Day

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Crown Oaks Day

Crown Oaks Day is a horse racing event that occurs in Australia. Regarded as the horse capital of the world, Australia has a number of events based around horse racing. The infamous Melbourne Cup is considered the most prestigious of the horse racing events, but has a number of other horse racing events that occur at around the same time. Crown Oaks Day is one of these events, and although the prize money is far less than the Melbourne Cup, the event generally tends to be more poplar with spectators.

As many as an astonishing 100,000 guests have been known to attend Crown Oaks Day, although it must be noted that the horse racing event is not the only draw card. Fashion events also occur at the occasion, and this is one of the reasons that Crown Oaks Day is also referred to as Ladies Day, since many of the female guests arrive to watch the fashion events, and stay to enjoy the horse racing afterwards. Regardless of this reputation, however, Crown Oaks Day remains one of the most hotly contested horse racing events in the world, and regularly draws tens of thousands of bet makers.

Racing Rules

Crown Oaks Day is a racing event for fillies of three years of age and older. The fact that the race is only for fillies is another reason the event is referred to as Ladies Day. The length of the racecourse is 2,500 meters, and the horses are raced in controlled weight conditions, otherwise referred to as handicapping.

Handicapping is a set of rules that adds weight to horses that are likely to over perform and dominate the race. Since the race is most exiting if the results are tight, handicapping makes the event more fair and balanced, with no obvious winners. This helps Crown Oaks Day remain an exciting and unpredictable betting situation for bet makers.

Crown Oak Day Betting

Although many bet makers like to watch the event in person, bet making options are available across the world via Crown Oaks Day online bookmakers. Thousands place bets on Crown Oaks Day via the internet, and tune in to watch on television, or via live web broadcast. The results of the race are always hotly debated and discussed, with many websites dedicated to predicting who will be the annual winner.

It should be noted that a bet on the Crown Oaks Day race does not simply have to be on the horse predicted to win. It is possible to bet on a selection of horses, with payouts given if any of the selection pace first, or in the top three. A combination bet can be made that predicts the three winning horses, but will payout if any of the chosen horses place in the top tier.

Odds also play a big part in horse racing bets. Horses with a higher statistical chance of winning will payout less than an underdog horse. The interesting thing about the Crown Oaks Day race, however, is that the handicap system means that underdog horse have a fighting chance.

Pirate Plunder

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Pirate Plunder Online Slot

The life of a pirate always looks very attractive, with eye patches and roaming the seven seas in search of treasure. Amaya has now launched Pirate Plunder, a pirate themed online slot that sets sails to the seas, and lets you embark on an adventure of a lifetime with Captain Blackbeard and an amazing crew.

Pirate Plunder is a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot featuring fun bonus features and colourful symbols that makes for hours of endless entertainment. However, Pirate Plunder is not just entertaining, it also comes with a hefty bankroll.

Symbols And Betting Totals

This slot takes you to faraway places and colours in every minute of your play. You will accompany the pirate crew of the Pirate Plunder slot to a deserted island in order to search for the hidden treasures.

This fun filled slot is colourful and fast paced, and will keep you glued to your computer screen. Expect to see symbols of pirate maps, a beautiful lady, a pirate ship, a parrot and playing card icons from 9 to Ace, all portrayed in colourful pirate style designs.

The betting options of Pirate Plunder are very generous in the sense that it accommodates a wide range of players. The slot kicks off with a minimum bet of 1c per payline and the maximum betting total is set at 1 coin per line.

Wild And Scatter symbols

The Wild icon of this slot is the vivid green parrot. This parrot loves dishing out prizes, and it also has the ability to replace some of the base symbols, excluding the Scatters, in order to complete combinations for better and more frequent winnings.

This Wild parrot also takes flight onto reels in multiple form, and then start dishing out instant cash prizes, the maximum instant prize being 10 000 coins for 5 of these parrots on 1 active payline. If you are playing the maximum bet amount, then you could win the silver jackpot worth 90 000 coins.

If you see a pirate dressed in a red and white top, you have then just come across the Scatter symbol of the Pirate Plunder online slot. When this symbol appears, anywhere on the reels, you could win 100 times your bet amount.

Winning Options

The playing card symbols of this slot pay out anything between 2 and 400 coins for winning combinations. This is rather average, but do keep in mind that these symbols tend to pay out rather often, so in total these winning combinations become rather profitable.

The beautiful lady of the Pirate Plunder slot pays out 400 coins and the same goes for Captain Blackbeard.

Should you manage to land 3 to 5 pirate ship symbols on the middle 3 reels of an active line, you will be rewarded a line multiplier of anything between 45 times and 165 times your stake.

Remember that 3 treasure maps on reel 2 to 4 will accompany you to another island and a bonus screen will open up. You will now embark on the journey of playing the Treasure Chest bonus feature. You will be presented with 10 chests to choose from. All these chests contain a multiplier, and you keep choosing a chest until the parrot is revealed.

Pints and Pounds

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Pints And Pounds Video Slot

Since the beer themed slots have taken the online gaming world by storm, Amaya has also come to the party with their Pints and Pounds online slot, that plays out on a 5reel, 25 payline grid. This slot is different to the rest in its league because of the Irish tradition that is incorporated into Pints and Pounds.

Slot Symbols And Betting Options

The Pints and Pounds slot plays off in a typical Irish pub, and the symbols on the reels of this slot substantiate this. Players can expect to see symbols like fish and chips, bartenders, bar wrenches, pints of beer and carousers on the reels. The Pints and Pounds logo is the most impressive symbol of the lot, with a payout of 2000 times your stake if you land 5 of these on 1 active payline. The playing card symbols are also in the mix from 9 to Ace, and the animation and graphics of this slot will promise to impress.

The stakes start at as little as 25c and the range works itself up to the maximum bet of 500 coins, presuming all paylines have been activated. Pints and Pounds is a versatile slot and cater for all kinds of players, from the conservative lot right up to the high rollers.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol of this slot has the ability to stand in for other symbols to complete a prize winning combination. The exception to this rule applies to the chips, pint and fish symbols that cannot be replaced by the Wild symbol, as these are the Scatter symbols of the Pints and Pounds slot. The Wild symbol of this slot is also limited to reel 3 to 5, and cannot ever appear on the first 2 reels.

Scatter Bonus Features

The Reel Pub Grub bonus feature of the Pints and Pounds online slot starts up when any of the Scatter symbols appear on reels 2 to 4. As soon as this feature activates, players will be granted 6 free spins to start off with.

Every pint, fish or chips symbol that appears on the reels whilst playing in the free spin feature will be used to try and complete a meal. A meal is only complete once all 3 Scatter symbols appear on a reel. As soon as a meal is completed, that specific meal’s multiplier will kick in and players will walk away with winnings to the value of the multiplier times their total bet amount.

Remember that if you manage to complete 2 meals in just one spin, each of these completed meals will pay out double its initial prizes value. If 3 meals are completed in 1 spin, 3 times the initial prize will be paid out. All free spin winnings will only accumulate to your bankroll at the end of the free spin round.

Should you not succeed in completing any meals during the free spins round, you will at least receive your original bet amount for that spin that triggered the free spin bonus.

Picnic Panic

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Picnic Panic Online Slot Overview

Amaya Gaming has taken a very different take on this slot. One would think that Picnic Panic is a typical picnic themed slot, but this slot surprises players with a bit of a twist.

Picnic Panic revolves about ants that take over your picnic, and in the midst of the havoc in the quest for survival, you might just hit the maximum jackpot of 150 000 coins, come across the Wild and Scatter symbols of the Picnic Panic slot or land some free spins.

Slot Symbols And Betting Options

Picnic Panic s a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot that is based on the board game called Picnic Panic, which revolves around ants and their attempts to steal your picnic food.

These food stealing ants are absolutely everywhere and they wave at us from behind the reels. Keep an eye out for reel symbols like fruit, cake, chips, a picnic basket, sandwiches, a guy fleeing from the picnic blanket and quite a few ants hard at work. Expect to meet all kinds of ants, from 2 ants teaming up, an ant eating chocolate cake, right up to a very cool ant with shades.

Picnic Panic is a lucrative slot that offers versatile betting options. Players can place bets from as little as 25c to a maximum of 500 coins per spin.

Wild And Scatter Symbols

The Wild symbol of the Picnic Panic slot is the ant with his sunglasses on. This Wild Ant has the ability to replace all its fellow symbols, with exclusion of the Scatter. This Wild is a versatile little ant, and also has the ability to activate the free spins round when it lands on reel 1 and 5.

The Scatter symbol of this slot is represented by the ant with the chocolate cake. This symbol acts as a multiplier, and for every win due to a Scatter, the total stake is multiplied and added to your bankroll. The Scatter is also responsible for triggering the Picnic Panic feature when 3 or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This feature allows you to select 3 of the 5 food icons presented to you, in order for the slot to reveal a random multiplier which will then be applied to your original stake. This feature is accessible in normal play or during bonus rounds.

Free Games Feature

In order for players to trigger the free games feature of the Picnic Panic slot, the Scatter symbol must appear on reel 1 and 5. During the free rounds any of the sandwich, drink, fruit, chips, picnic basket or cake symbols appearing on reel 2 to 4 will play a part in how many free spins players receive.

The bonus feature of this slot can be retriggered for up to 35 spins, and all the winnings during the free spin rounds are multiplied by 2.

Picnic Panic Interface

This slot has a very user-friendly interface, and can be played for actual stakes or just for fun. Picnic Panic is supported by Microsoft, Linux and Mac.

Players can view the paytable for quick and easy reference, anytime during the game. This slot also has a maximum bet icon, which allows players to instantaneously play the following spin at the maximum bet amount.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

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Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as Twenty One, or Twenty One Blackjack, is possibly the most famous casino table card game in the world.  It is a comparing card game, and is played against the dealer.  The exact origin of Blackjack has long been a point of contention and often gives rise to heated discussions amongst those passionate about the game.  The most logical conclusion is that it does not originate from a specific time or location, but has rather evolved and developed over the years, into the relatively standard version that is played today.

The aim is to be dealt a hand of cards totalling to 21, preferably before the dealer reaches the same goal.  The ideal situation is to reach the total of 21 with only two cards.

Face cards amount to 10 points each, and an Ace can count as 1 or as 11 points.  All other cards are tallied at the numeral value of the card.

During the course of a round, the player can opt whether to take a “hit”, or to “stay” or “stand”.  The rule is that the dealer must continue to hit until such time as the total of his cards is equal to or exceeds 17.

Whenever the tally of points exceeds 21, the player or the dealer will go bust.  This amounts to losing the bet placed during the particular round.

The Perfect Pairs In Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Due to the comparatively slow progression of a game of Blackjack, many casinos have started to make provision for a side bet, i.e. an additional bet governed by specific rules.

The side bet wager is typically placed in a cornered off area close to the Blackjack area.  The side bet game will be played simultaneously with the main game of Blackjack.

The aim in Perfect Pairs Blackjack is to be dealt two cards – two matching cards, two cards of which only the colours match and two cards of which only the numbers match.  The different pairs pay out at varying payment percentages.

Other side bet games include Lucky Lucky, Royal Match, 21+3, Lucky Ladies, Match the Dealer and Instant 18.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Slot Game

Table games are highly popular amongst players – every bit as popular as slot machine games.  It therefore makes perfect sense that an entire range of online slots mimicking table games has now been developed, in order to make provision for online players who love to play traditional table games.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is the brainchild of Amaya Gaming, and features a typical Blackjack table together with the Perfect Pairs side bet.

All Chips On Deck

Bets are placed prior to the hand being dealt.  The maximum bet allowed per any one round is 100 credits.

Chips come in a variety of value sizes, ranging from 0.01 credits all the way up to 25 credits.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack can also be played for free.  This is the perfect option for players new to the rules of the game, or merely wanting to play for fun.

Penguins In Paradise

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Penguins In Paradise Online Slot

This fun slot by Amaya Games is quite entertaining, and it gets you in that holiday mood. Players can meet the penguins of the Penguins in Paradise slot by playing for real cash or just for the fun of it.

These penguins of this paradise all moved to Hawaii, and they are now living the good life of sipping on cocktails and going for a surf.

Penguins in Paradise is a 5 by 3 reel, 25 payline video slot that offers versatile betting options and entertaining symbols and a very good paytable.

Betting Options And Slot Symbols

Penguins in Paradise offer players 750 ways to bet on this super cool slot. You might score marks on how good Mr Penguin pulls off his tricks, but there will be no judgement on how much you decide to bet. Betting options start at 1c per line, and is capped at 20 coins. This comes to a maximum bet total of 500 coins per spin.

The symbols of the Penguins in Paradise slot speaks of sea, sun and fun. Players can expect to see with floral necklaces, a fish in a cocktail glass, Hawaiian totems, palm trees on an island and playing card symbols from number 9 right up to Ace. These playing card symbols are colourful, have a wooden texture and are decorated with flowers.

Penguin In Paradise Prizes

The playing card symbols are at the bottom of the paytable, and they are worth a maximum of 200 coins for a winning combination. The Hawaiian totems are worth a maximum of 500 coins, whilst Mr Penguin’s son will pay out a maximum of 1000 coins. If you manage to find Mrs Penguin on the reels, you could walk away with 5000 coins.

Wild And Scatter Symbols

Mr Penguin is the Wild symbol of the Penguins in Paradise slot. The Wild can form winning combinations by substituting other base symbols on reel 2 to 4. Over and above this, the Wild symbol also double any prizes won from these winning combinations. Should the Wild symbol appear on reel 2 to 4 simultaneously, the Penguin Surf bonus feature will activate, during which you are entitled to ask Mr Penguin to perform 2 of 3 of his surf tricks. These tricks will be assessed by the panel of judges and according to their scores, this will turn into multipliers which will be applicable to all winnings.

The cocktails represent the Scatter symbol of the Penguins in Paradise slot. These Scatter symbols have 2 functions. Three Scatter symbols will activate a 10 free spins bonus feature, during which period all winnings are tripled. This Scatter can also secure instant prizes of up to 400 times your stake.

Slot Interface

The Penguin in Paradise slot can be played for real money or just to pass time. This slot also has an autoplay function for those of the players who like having the computer play a certain number of spins on their behalf.

This slot is supported by Microsoft, Mac and Linux operating systems, and is compatible with all personal computers and hand held devices.

Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold

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Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold Surpasses Expectations

After thorough trying and testing this slot, not only were expectations met, but they were far surpassed. From software and gameplay to payouts, Cryptologic Games developer, now owned by Amaya, has jam-packed this video slot with every advantage and feature on the market. With this brand, players can expect the best theme, a high volatile machine that pay out regularly, top-notch graphics and overall immersive virtual environment which engages and interacts with even the discerning slot critics.

Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot surpasses standard graphic expectations to offer superior quality aesthetics. Although at first one can presume the pirate theme on which this slot is based is out dated and overused, but on this online machine the tale of Blackbeard is revamped.

Even the reel symbols including the treasure chest, swords, compass, swords and pirates surpass what has come to typically be expected of symbols – dull, dreary and cartoonish. Players can now expect highly detailed symbols with that much care put into them that even the traditional playing card symbols feature pirate themed font.

Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot game also surpasses the normal expectations which have come to be associated with five-reel slots such as minimum pay lines and offers an incredible 243 ways to win. The slot also offers up to 125 coins per spin, an improvement on the average low bets.

Enjoy All In-Game Offerings Experts Rave About

Those who have tried and tested this unique slot are raving about the in-game offerings available. Players can try these out for themselves and make use of free spins, a wild symbol and two scatter symbols which trigger two advantageous bonus games. In particular, experts raved about the Victory Bonus Round where they had to pick one treasure chest and then multipliers and free spins are revealed. The sticky wilds featuring in this round really make for gaming satisfaction. The bonus wilds in the Galleon Bonus Round also proved popular among reviewers.

Large Jackpot Worth Playing For

When reviewing a jackpot to see whether or not it is actually deemed an attractive draw card of a game or whether or not it is worth all the effort of multiple spins and max bets, one looks at two things. By testing gameplay on Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot, experts and reviewers were able to access just how possible it is to claim that famous real money online slots prize in terms of how long one needs to play before winning it; and they also test how much money one has to put in to actually get out. Whether or not a jackpot is worth the risk is all about how often it is won, how much one bets before winning it and how big the jackpot actually is.

Having been tried and tested, the non-progressive jackpot on Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot is worth playing for. It is worth a whopping 5000 coins and is achievable, unlike other slots that advertise a giant jackpot which never seems to be claimed.