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The on going growth of eSports

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What is eSport?

Technically, much like the abbreviation, email, and eSport is an electronic sport. Put simply this is a sport that is played using either a console or a personal computer and the industry is absolutely massive. The ongoing growth of eSport in New Zealand is something that every gambler and sports bettor should be on the look-out for as there is massive potential to win big whilst enjoying these eSport competitions. (more…)

How the online industry affected land based sportsbooks

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Online vs Offline Betting

In today’s rapidly fast paced society we find ourselves asking this question with a number of aspects in our lives. The online world has affected almost everything that we do and it has revolutionised not only the way that we do everyday tasks, but also the way we think about everyday things. (more…)

Rugby League Betting Odds Governed by International Federation

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Rugby League is in all probability the toughest, most physical form of team sports.  The ball is kicked and carried from one end of the field to the other, in order to score a try.  Governed by the Rugby League International Federation, the game is played mainly in European, Pacific and Australian countries.  Rugby League generally becomes an important part of the culture of the particular area where it is enjoyed – both by players as well as by spectators. (more…)

The Rockhampton Race Track

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The Rockhampton race track is a popular greyhound racing track in Australia.

It offers its race days on Wednesday evenings, starting at approximately 7:00 pm. Nominations for the race close on the Friday before the race, and can also be done via a telephone call daily between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. Trials will be conducted after the meetings on Wednesday evening.  The track at Rockhampton is a two-turn loam track. (more…)

A Brief History Of Cycling and Cycling Betting

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Cycling has not been around for long in comparison to other popular sports, having come about as a novelty only in the 1800s, and not being competitive by modern standards until the 1900s. The bicycle is a relatively new invention, and has undergone massive changes since its original inception. The earliest version of a bicycle was propelled by the legs of the rider, and was not an especially comfortable or convenient design. Regardless, the design was quickly adopted and modified in multiple countries. The first bicycle to use a peddle and crank system came about in 1868.

The 1868 design later developed into the more commonly known penny-farthing, named for the unusual size of its wheels. Although spectacular to look at, the penny-farthing was clumsy and awkward to ride. It was not until 1890 that bicycles began to resemble their modern design, and the period in time is commonly referred to as the ‘bicycle golden age.’ Bicycles became a phenomenon at this point, and exploded across the world with astonishing popularity. Only much would cycling evolve into morn competitive sport seen today.

Competitive Cycling

Competitive cycling is characterised by riders who aim to achieve a winning time over a regulated course. The sport can be classified into on-road and off-road versions, with on-road cycling taking place over tarred roads in relatively safe conditions, and off-road taking place over much more treacherous and difficult terrain. The off-road version is often referred to as BMX racing, named after a brand of bicycles specifically designed to tackle difficult terrain. Besides the terrain, one of the main differences is the type of bicycle used.

On-Road Cycling

On-road cycling uses a bicycle designed for speed, with the focus being on making the bicycle as light as possible. Small, exceptionally light frames are used, and as much unnecessary weight as possible is removed. The recognisable curved handlebars are designed to allow the rider to maintain control, while still weighing as little as is conceivable. The rider is also fitted to be as aerodynamic as can be achieved with specialised clothing and gear.

Off-Road Cycling

Off-road cycling requires bicycles that can deal with rough, difficult to traverse terrain. The bicycle designs feature much more robust wheel designs, and the handlebars allow for a tighter grip from the rider. The rider will also have protective gear to avoid injury.

Cycling Betting

Both off-road and on-road cycling has sports betting USA options, with the focus more on on-road events, such as the infamous Tour De France. Online bookmakers will often provide a list of popular riders with fixed odds, which helps bet makers narrow down the choices to a more manageable number. Since cycling events are often attended by hundreds of cyclists, understanding who the best choices are is essential.

A fixed odds bet means that the bookmaker will determine the likelihood of racers winning, and attach a fixed payout for that racer. The more likely the race is to win, the lower the payout will be. The less likely the racer is to win, the higher the payout will be. This keeps the betting scene interesting and exciting.

Horse Racing Betting On Crown Oaks Day Online

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Crown Oaks Day is a horse racing event that occurs in Australia. Regarded as the horse capital of the world, Australia has a number of events based around horse racing. The infamous Melbourne Cup is considered the most prestigious of the horse racing events, but has a number of other horse racing events that occur at around the same time. Crown Oaks Day is one of these events, and although the prize money is far less than the Melbourne Cup, the event generally tends to be more poplar with spectators.

As many as an astonishing 100,000 guests have been known to attend Crown Oaks Day, although it must be noted that the horse racing event is not the only draw card. Fashion events also occur at the occasion, and this is one of the reasons that Crown Oaks Day is also referred to as Ladies Day, since many of the female guests arrive to watch the fashion events, and stay to enjoy the horse racing afterwards. Regardless of this reputation, however, Crown Oaks Day remains one of the most hotly contested horse racing events in the world, and regularly draws tens of thousands of bet makers.

Racing Rules

Crown Oaks Day is a racing event for fillies of three years of age and older. The fact that the race is only for fillies is another reason the event is referred to as Ladies Day. The length of the racecourse is 2,500 meters, and the horses are raced in controlled weight conditions, otherwise referred to as handicapping.

Handicapping is a set of rules that adds weight to horses that are likely to over perform and dominate the race. Since the race is most exiting if the results are tight, handicapping makes the event more fair and balanced, with no obvious winners. This helps Crown Oaks Day remain an exciting and unpredictable betting situation for bet makers.

Crown Oak Day Betting

Although many bet makers like to watch the event in person, bet making options are available across the world via Crown Oaks Day online betting USA bookmakers. Thousands place bets on Crown Oaks Day via the internet, and tune in to watch on television, or via live web broadcast. The results of the race are always hotly debated and discussed, with many websites dedicated to predicting who will be the annual winner.

It should be noted that a bet on the Crown Oaks Day race does not simply have to be on the horse predicted to win. It is possible to bet on a selection of horses, with payouts given if any of the selection pace first, or in the top three. A combination bet can be made that predicts the three winning horses, but will payout if any of the chosen horses place in the top tier.

Odds also play a big part in horse racing bets. Horses with a higher statistical chance of winning will payout less than an underdog horse. The interesting thing about the Crown Oaks Day race, however, is that the handicap system means that underdog horse have a fighting chance.

Video Poker Improved With Triple Play Draw Poker

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Triple Play Draw Poker is a video poker game of draw poker. One of IGT games specialities, Triple Play Draw Poker is a single game that contains nine different variations of video poker. Players are able to select any of these games, and are able to switch between them whenever the wish to. A wide range of coin denominations is also available in Triple Play Draw Poker, allowing for a complete range of game play settings.

All of the video poker games involved have a single commonality. Players play three hands at a time. In terms of game play, players first select which cards they want to hold, and then spectate as three hands of poker occur before your eyes. Each hand is individually funded, each will be scored individually, and players therefore have the opportunity to win up to three times on every round.

A Playing Solution of Note

Triple Play Draw Poker is actually a comprehensive video poker playing solution. Players will be able to select the actual video poker variant they specifically want to enjoy and could choose any of the following video poker games. Jacks or Better, where wins start with any hand containing a pair of jacks, Bonus poker, a game featuring larger pay outs on hands comprising four cards of a kind or Bonus Poker Deluxe, which is a high volatility video poker with even bigger wins on four of a kind.

Notwithstanding these options that can be played using the Triple Play Draw Poker solution to make it more exciting, players are able to make the necessary changes to the game selection process such as to be able to also enjoy Double Bonus Poker, a video poker variant with three groups of pay outs for four of a kind, Double Double Bonus Poker, a video poker game with big prizes based on the kicker in a four of a kind win, and Triple Double Bonus Poker, where players can win as much as a Royal Flush if they happen to have the perfect kicker in a four of a kind win.

The Perfect Way to Boost Video Poker

IGT have thus provided the perfect way to enhance and increase the rate of online poker NZ play by enabling players to play three hands at once. The range of individual video poker variants that can be selected as the base game is extraordinary, but hardly more so than being able to choose two of the video poker options that have some of the better odds available for the players. These last two options that this solution applies to are Deuces Wild video poker, a high profit game where twos are wild, and therefore extremely important and valuable cards to find. Also, players can enjoy a triple hand of Deuces Wild Bonus, a superlative video poker variant with twos being wild plus enhanced wins being available on five of a kind wins.

Playing Triple Play Draw Poker, and selecting any one of these versions of video poker is very easy, and IGT have in this way also made video poker ever so much more exciting and, in fact comparable with the very best in slots play, when it comes to white-knuckle thrills.