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Perfect Pairs Blackjack To Play Online

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Blackjack, also known as Twenty One, or Twenty One Blackjack, is possibly the most famous casino table card game in the world.  It is a comparing card game, and is played against the dealer.  The exact origin of Blackjack has long been a point of contention and often gives rise to heated discussions amongst those passionate about the game.  The most logical conclusion is that it does not originate from a specific time or location, but has rather evolved and developed over the years, into the relatively standard version that is played today.

The aim is to be dealt a hand of cards totalling to 21, preferably before the dealer reaches the same goal.  The ideal situation is to reach the total of 21 with only two cards.

Face cards amount to 10 points each, and an Ace can count as 1 or as 11 points.  All other cards are tallied at the numeral value of the card.

During the course of a round, the player can opt whether to take a “hit”, or to “stay” or “stand”.  The rule is that the dealer must continue to hit until such time as the total of his cards is equal to or exceeds 17.

Whenever the tally of points exceeds 21, the player or the dealer will go bust.  This amounts to losing the bet placed during the particular round.

The Perfect Pairs In Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Due to the comparatively slow progression of a game of online blackjack Canada, many casinos have started to make provision for a side bet, i.e. an additional bet governed by specific rules.

The side bet wager is typically placed in a cornered off area close to the Blackjack area.  The side bet game will be played simultaneously with the main game of Blackjack.

The aim in Perfect Pairs Blackjack is to be dealt two cards – two matching cards, two cards of which only the colours match and two cards of which only the numbers match.  The different pairs pay out at varying payment percentages.

Other side bet games include Lucky Lucky, Royal Match, 21+3, Lucky Ladies, Match the Dealer and Instant 18.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Slot Game

Table games are highly popular amongst players – every bit as popular as slot machine games.  It therefore makes perfect sense that an entire range of online slots mimicking table games has now been developed, in order to make provision for online players who love to play traditional table games.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is the brainchild of Amaya Gaming, and features a typical Blackjack table together with the Perfect Pairs side bet.

All Chips On Deck

Bets are placed prior to the hand being dealt.  The maximum bet allowed per any one round is 100 credits.

Chips come in a variety of value sizes, ranging from 0.01 credits all the way up to 25 credits.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack can also be played for free.  This is the perfect option for players new to the rules of the game, or merely wanting to play for fun.

Penguins In Paradise Online Slot

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This fun slot by Amaya Games is quite entertaining, and it gets you in that holiday mood. Players can meet the penguins of the Penguins in Paradise slot by playing for real cash or just for the fun of it.

These penguins of this paradise all moved to Hawaii, and they are now living the good life of sipping on cocktails and going for a surf.

Penguins in Paradise is a 5 by 3 reel, 25 payline video slot that offers versatile betting options and entertaining symbols and a very good paytable.

Betting Options And Slot Symbols

Penguins in Paradise offer players 750 ways to bet on this super cool slot. You might score marks on how good Mr Penguin pulls off his tricks, but there will be no judgement on how much you decide to bet. Betting options start at 1c per line, and is capped at 20 coins. This comes to a maximum bet total of 500 coins per spin.

The symbols of the Penguins in Paradise slot speaks of sea, sun and fun. Players can expect to see with floral necklaces, a fish in a cocktail glass, Hawaiian totems, palm trees on an island and playing card symbols from number 9 right up to Ace. These playing card symbols are colourful, have a wooden texture and are decorated with flowers.

Penguin In Paradise Prizes

The playing card symbols are at the bottom of the paytable, and they are worth a maximum of 200 coins for a winning combination. The Hawaiian totems are worth a maximum of 500 coins, whilst Mr Penguin’s son will pay out a maximum of 1000 coins. If you manage to find Mrs Penguin on the reels, you could walk away with 5000 coins.

Wild And Scatter Symbols

Mr Penguin is the Wild symbol of the Penguins in Paradise slot. The Wild can form winning combinations by substituting other base symbols on reel 2 to 4. Over and above this, the Wild symbol also double any prizes won from these winning combinations. Should the Wild symbol appear on reel 2 to 4 simultaneously, the Penguin Surf bonus feature will activate, during which you are entitled to ask Mr Penguin to perform 2 of 3 of his surf tricks. These tricks will be assessed by the panel of judges and according to their scores, this will turn into multipliers which will be applicable to all winnings.

The cocktails represent the Scatter symbol of the Penguins in Paradise slot. These Scatter symbols have 2 functions. Three Scatter symbols will activate a 10 free spins bonus feature, during which period all winnings are tripled. This Scatter can also secure instant prizes of up to 400 times your stake.

Slot Interface

The Penguin in Paradise slot can be played for real money slots Pakistan or just to pass time. This slot also has an autoplay function for those of the players who like having the computer play a certain number of spins on their behalf.

This slot is supported by Microsoft, Mac and Linux operating systems, and is compatible with all personal computers and hand held devices.

Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold Surpasses Expectations

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After thorough trying and testing this slot, not only were expectations met, but they were far surpassed. From software and gameplay to payouts, Cryptologic Games developer, now owned by Amaya, has jam-packed this video slot with every advantage and feature on the market. With this brand, players can expect the best theme, a high volatile machine that pay out regularly, top-notch graphics and overall immersive virtual environment which engages and interacts with even the discerning slot critics.

Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot surpasses standard graphic expectations to offer superior quality aesthetics. Although at first one can presume the pirate theme on which this slot is based is out dated and overused, but on this online machine the tale of Blackbeard is revamped.

Even the reel symbols including the treasure chest, swords, compass, swords and pirates surpass what has come to typically be expected of symbols – dull, dreary and cartoonish. Players can now expect highly detailed symbols with that much care put into them that even the traditional playing card symbols feature pirate themed font.

Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot game also surpasses the normal expectations which have come to be associated with five-reel slots such as minimum pay lines and offers an incredible 243 ways to win. The slot also offers up to 125 coins per spin, an improvement on the average low bets.

Enjoy All In-Game Offerings Experts Rave About

Those who have tried and tested this unique slot are raving about the in-game offerings available. Players can try these out for themselves and make use of free spins, a wild symbol and two scatter symbols which trigger two advantageous bonus games. In particular, experts raved about the Victory Bonus Round where they had to pick one treasure chest and then multipliers and free spins are revealed. The sticky wilds featuring in this round really make for gaming satisfaction. The bonus wilds in the Galleon Bonus Round also proved popular among reviewers.

Large Jackpot Worth Playing For

When reviewing a jackpot to see whether or not it is actually deemed an attractive draw card of a game or whether or not it is worth all the effort of multiple spins and max bets, one looks at two things. By testing gameplay on Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot, experts and reviewers were able to access just how possible it is to claim that famous real money online slots prize in terms of how long one needs to play before winning it; and they also test how much money one has to put in to actually get out. Whether or not a jackpot is worth the risk is all about how often it is won, how much one bets before winning it and how big the jackpot actually is.

Having been tried and tested, the non-progressive jackpot on Cryptologic Games Blackbeard’s Gold slot is worth playing for. It is worth a whopping 5000 coins and is achievable, unlike other slots that advertise a giant jackpot which never seems to be claimed.

Battle For Olympus Slot Review

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Battle For Olympus is a five reel, three row and fifty payline video slot, developed by Cryptologic. Battle For Olympus is themed around the epic battle between the Greek Gods, Zeus and Hades and their eternal struggle for a moral victory in good versus evil.


Players will be delighted to know that Battle For Olympus video slot is fully customizable. Players are able to adjust the wagered amount as well as the active paylines available, thus allowing for complete control over wagered amounts as well as how they wish to make casino deposits using Neteller, Skrill, VISA or Mastercard options.

Battle For Olympus Reel Symbols

Contesting the reels, players can expect to see symbols relating to the epic, on going feud between these two mythological giants. These symbols include but are not limited to an angered Zeus armed and ready for battle with his weapon of choice a lightning bolt, a conspiring Hades, a royal chariot, a golden trident, and a battle ready helmet.

Players will be delighted to know that Zeus and Hades symbols appear mixed on any active paylines and will reward players with respective winning combinations when appearing as such.

Bold yet elegant traditional playing card icons infused with subtle bright colours represent the lower value symbols in Battle For Olympus video slot. These symbols include the Ten, Jack, Queen, King and the Ace icon.

Battle For Olympus Wild Symbol

Hades’ hounds, Cerberus, viciously alert with glowing green eyes and lava red coats represent the wild symbol in Battle For Olympus video slot. The wild symbol will award players with a 3X multiplier when contributing to a winning combination. The Wild Cerberus symbol acts as any typical wild within a real money pokies, with the ability to substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from the scatter symbol, the Olympus bonus symbol as well as the Zeus and Hades mixed combination symbols.

Battle Ready Scatter Symbols

The goddess, Athena, equipped with a golden shield represents the scatter symbol in Battle For Olympus video slot. If players manage to land three Athena scatter symbols on the reels a 2X multiplier will be awarded, four Athena scatters will provide a 25X multiplier and five Athena scatter symbols will award players with a whopping 250X multiplier.

Players should also keep a keen eye out for three symbols on reels one, three and five. When combined, these three symbols spell out Battle For Olympus. These bonus symbols will trigger the special feature of the video slot.

Olympus Battle Bonus Feature

If players manage to land the Battle, For and Olympus symbols on reels one, three and five simultaneously, the special feature of the video slot will be triggered.

Players will now have the opportunity to select Zeus or Hades in an upcoming arcade style, fighter mini game. Players will now be granted five attempts in a game of skill; players must freeze their slider as close as possible in the centre of the slide bar on screen. Each and every blow to the opponent rewards a prize, four perfect strikes will automatically defeat your opponent, providing players with a prize without having to progress through to the fifth and final round of the battle bonus feature.

The bonus battle feature is a nifty addition to Battle For Olympus; it keeps the game play alive and the rivalry between Zeus and Hades credible throughout the slot title.

What Else In Armadillo Artie Slot To Play

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Armadillo Artie is a five reel, three row and twenty five payline video slot, developed by Cryptologic. Themed around devious cartoon characters and their nefarious undertakings, the slot offers players lucrative prizes with features such as an expanding wild symbol, a bonus scatter symbol and a bonus free game multiplier.

Game Look and Feel

Players will be delighted to know that Armadillo Artie slot is fully customizable. Players are able to adjust the wagered amount as well as the active paylines available, thus allowing for complete control over wagered amounts.

Armadillo Artie Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in Armadillo Artie are all themed around the nefarious undertakings of the slots characters. Players can expect to see an Armadillo Artie game logo, a venomous snake hissing in cowboy attire, an eager red-breasted bird, a devious racoon, a cactus and an animal skull wall mounted trophy.

Colourful, Western themed traditional playing card icons represent the lower value symbols in Armadillo Artie video slot. These include the Jack, Queen, King and Ace playing card icons.

Wild Symbol

Armadillo Artie himself, standing proud, represents the wild symbol in the game and will only appear on reels two, three, four and five.

If players manage to land the Armadillo Artie wild symbol on the reels, it has the ability to become an expanding wild symbol. The expanding wild symbol will extend out to the right of the screen, turning all other symbols to the right into wild symbols. This allows for potential big winning combinations to be made.

Armadillo Artie Bonus Scatter Symbol

The sheriffs star clearly displaying the words Free Games in a bold and bright blue represents the games scatter symbol. Players should keep a keen eye out for the sheriffs scatter symbol, as it will activate the free games feature of the video slot.

Players will also be delighted to know that Armadillo Artie incorporates a nifty bonus symbol, which is represented by the bowling bonus graphic. Players should be aware that the bowling bonus symbol only appears on the reels during the free spins bonus feature of Armadillo Artie.

Armadillo Artie Bonus Features

If players manage to land three of the sheriff star free games symbols anywhere on reels two three and four at the same time, the free spins feature of the slot will be triggered. Once the free spins feature has been triggered, players will be awarded with ten free online casino Dubai games.

The free spins can not be retriggered, however players will be delighted to know that the bowling bonus symbol will appear on the reels during the free spins round. If players manage to strike it lucky and land two or more bowling bonus symbols on the reels during the free game round, the bonus feature of the slot will be automatically triggered.

During the bowling bonus feature of Armadillo Artie, players will receive the opportunity to bowl down three sets of rounds. The total score accumulated from the bonus feature will now be added as a multiplier to the overall winnings from the free spins round.

20000 Leagues Slot Overview

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Cryptologic’s 20000 Leagues slot is based the science fiction classic by Jules Verne – 20000 Leagues under the sea.  The novel was published in 1870, and has since inspired several science fiction writers to attempt to follow its worldwide success.  The story unfolds in the year 1866, when seafarers from several nations spot a mysterious sea monster.  The United States government assembles a task force to undertake a mission to destroy the creature.  The main protagonists – a professor, a marine biologist and a skilled harpoonist – land up in the open waters after a series of unfortunate events leave their vessel damaged.  They are eventually captured by the assumed to be sea monster – which turns out to be a submarine-like vessel, with technology eons ahead of its time.  The vessel is commanded by Captain Nemo, and together they undertake an exciting and adventurous journey to many under-water locations, mostly fictional.

20000 Leagues is an online video slot played on 5 reels and 9 paylines.  The game includes a Free Spins Bonus Game, and can be played for free or for real money.

20000 Leagues Slot Symbols

In keeping with the nautical theme, symbols include divers, sharks, submarines, Captain Nemo and a chest filled with treasures.  Playing cards are also employed as symbols and include the numbers 9 and 10, as well as the Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards.

The submarine symbol doubles as the 20000 Leagues slot wild symbol, and appears on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5.  The wild submarine will substitute for all symbols, with the exception of the scatter symbol.  The scatter symbol is the 20000 Leagues slot Logo.

An interesting twist is that the scatter also acts as a wild when appearing on reel number 3, in which case it also morphs into standard symbols in order to complete winning combinations.

Free Spins Bonus Game

The 20000 Leagues slot free spins bonus game is activated whenever the submarine wild and the scatter Logo symbol appear simultaneously on the reels during any one spin.

The free spins bonus game consists of 10 free spins for every one submarine that was landed on the reels when the feature was activated.

The feature can be re-triggered during the free spins bonus round.  A double-your-winnings multiplier is also applied to all winnings tallied during the free spins round.

Jackpot Win

The jackpot is won by landing a 5 in a row combination of the Captain Nemo symbol.  The jackpot payout is worth 5 000 credits.

20000 Leagues slot does not include a progressive jackpot or a gambling feature.

All Bets On Deck

Betting options are flexible – minimum bet starts at 0.05 credits per active payline, and maximum bet is 5 credits per active payline.  Total maximum bet is 45 credits per spin.  Flexible betting options is a deciding factor for many players – whether financially conservative or just new to playing NZ mobile pokies.

20000 Leagues Slot Interface

The slot interface is user-friendly, and the player is able to determine the exact size of the wager placed during any spin.

Cryptologic Games 20000 Leagues Slot Summary

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Before deciding whether or not this slot game ticks all the correct gaming boxes, and whether or not you should try it out, a brief game description and summary is provided. This medium volatility slot boasts five reels and nine pay lines, as well as a maximum jackpot of 5000 coins. The slot’s software was created by Cryptologic Games, a company later purchased by gaming company Amaya.

Reviewing This Slot

After evaluating the vast betting range, it is clear that Cryptologic Games 20000 Leagues slot is appropriate for all types of slot players. Possessing a maximum bet of nine coins per spin, with coins starting from a mere 5c up to five dollars, the betting range truly appeals to all players across the board regardless of financial freedom or constraints. Games like this slot which cater for every types of player, and for all players despite geographical positioning also receive high star ratings due to its broad accessibility. A high star rating makes trying out this game release a must-do.

Have You Played On Cryptologic Software?

A game is always reviewed on its software, first and foremost. Developed by a leading online gaming brand already puts this game in the positive review bracket. Years of experience combined with forward thinking product development and the latest in technology software makes all slots from this developer immediately a winner at face value.  Backed by a strong reputation, each slot title including Cryptologic Games 20000 Leagues slot, comes with built-in expectations from players. Even before playing this online casino game, players will expect innovative in-game technologies, high pay-outs and state-of-the-art gameplay, with this slot never disappointing. With this in mind, yes this slot is worth a try.

Try This Game For A Theme Which Offers Adventure

Although the genre of the online slots Singapore game is similar to other aquatic slots, what bumps this slot up a notch is the fact that the theme is based on the classic novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Designed around this novel, players can see that more effort and thought has been put into the design. It’s not just a theme but an adventure, a storyline, a journey. The theme is more engaging than other slots of this nature. When reviewing the layout and graphics of the game, this sports superb graphics, with the themed symbols of a shark, Captain Nemo, a submarine and a treasure chest, among others, all beautifully arranged on the reels in a detailed fashion.

Evaluation Reveals Winning Potential

Slot games that rank high on the review list also offer free in-game features and offer good value for money. In this slot, a free spins bonus game rewards players with anything from 20 to 40 games and their winnings doubled. Another money booster in Cryptologic Games 20000 Leagues slot which makes this game a winning choice are the two wild symbols.

Comparison To Similar Casino Slots

There are many underwater themed slots created by different developers. What sets this theme on Cryptologic Games 20000 Leagues slot apart from other aquatic slots is that it’s not a cartoonish theme with a few marine animals thrown in for good measure. This theme is actually based on a novel written by Jules Verne and can be considered an adaption of the 1954 Kirk Douglas film. With this in mind, a feeling of nostalgia washes over players during gameplay.

Triple Profits Slot Game by Playtech Is a Unique Game

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Playtech has produced an interesting and completely different type of three reel slot game with Triple Profits. You will be able to earn three times as many profits in this game than in many others. This slot game has three sets of single pay line reels. Players can use a holding feature to fill reels with matching symbols after each spin, which adds an extra element to wagering on this game.

Triple Profits has Wilds and Scatters that can trigger bonus rounds, and these symbols can ensure that you win some really profitable payouts. The biggest win in Triple Profits is a huge jackpot prize of 500,000 credits, certainly a prize worth winning.

A Money Making Theme

Triple Profits has, of course, a theme of making lots of money, one of everyone’s favourite aims. The symbols all have something to do with the world of finance, like Sales and bundles of Cash, different coloured Bags of Money, Calculators and Dollar signs, and Gold Bars. All of these symbols appear against a background of green, to emphasize the money making theme. The graphics are simply designed, but this is a three reel classic slot game that does not rely on gimmicks.

The aim of Triple Profits is to match up identical reel symbols across one of the three pay lines, which run horizontally across the three by three reel grid. When this happens, you will win a prize which is set out in the game’s pay table. The lowest prize multiplies the bets on the winning line by one, while the most lucrative of the symbols multiplies your initial stake by one thousand times.

Combinations also bring in Huge Profits

Other wins are possible too. One Wild used in a winning combination will multiply your initial wager by two, two Wilds appearing will pay you a five times multiplier. Different combinations of symbols also bring in some prizes. Any of the three coloured Dollar Signs symbols appearing on a pay line gives you fifteen times your initial wager, and three of the Money Bags appearing will pay you five times your original bet. Any three of the other symbols, like the Calculators or Safe Boxes, will be paid out at twice the first line wager.

Very Different Game Play

The online casino Sri Lanka game play of Triple profits is not like any other three reel slot machine. Every time a player places a wager, only the lowest set of reels will spin, and they will reveal three randomly selected symbols. You will then have the option of holding these symbols for the next spin, which incorporates all three sets of reels, and will not take any stake from the betting balance. If you decide to hold a symbol, that symbol will be held in that position across the grid, increasing the chances of matching symbols appearing on the next spin. If you find a winning combination on the first set of reel with the first spin, the other reels automatically reflect that combination, and Triple Profits will be awarded.

There is another simple bonus round that can be triggered if you find three Bundles of cash on the reels. This will take you to a new game screen, and you have to pick three out of nine Money Bags that will reveal instant cash prizes. Triple Profits can be played online and on any of the major brands of mobile devices. Triple profits may be a simple game, but there are some great unique features in the game.

Video Poker Improved With Triple Play Draw Poker

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Triple Play Draw Poker is a video poker game of draw poker. One of IGT games specialities, Triple Play Draw Poker is a single game that contains nine different variations of video poker. Players are able to select any of these games, and are able to switch between them whenever the wish to. A wide range of coin denominations is also available in Triple Play Draw Poker, allowing for a complete range of game play settings.

All of the video poker games involved have a single commonality. Players play three hands at a time. In terms of game play, players first select which cards they want to hold, and then spectate as three hands of poker occur before your eyes. Each hand is individually funded, each will be scored individually, and players therefore have the opportunity to win up to three times on every round.

A Playing Solution of Note

Triple Play Draw Poker is actually a comprehensive video poker playing solution. Players will be able to select the actual video poker variant they specifically want to enjoy and could choose any of the following video poker games. Jacks or Better, where wins start with any hand containing a pair of jacks, Bonus poker, a game featuring larger pay outs on hands comprising four cards of a kind or Bonus Poker Deluxe, which is a high volatility video poker with even bigger wins on four of a kind.

Notwithstanding these options that can be played using the Triple Play Draw Poker solution to make it more exciting, players are able to make the necessary changes to the game selection process such as to be able to also enjoy Double Bonus Poker, a video poker variant with three groups of pay outs for four of a kind, Double Double Bonus Poker, a video poker game with big prizes based on the kicker in a four of a kind win, and Triple Double Bonus Poker, where players can win as much as a Royal Flush if they happen to have the perfect kicker in a four of a kind win.

The Perfect Way to Boost Video Poker

IGT have thus provided the perfect way to enhance and increase the rate of online poker NZ play by enabling players to play three hands at once. The range of individual video poker variants that can be selected as the base game is extraordinary, but hardly more so than being able to choose two of the video poker options that have some of the better odds available for the players. These last two options that this solution applies to are Deuces Wild video poker, a high profit game where twos are wild, and therefore extremely important and valuable cards to find. Also, players can enjoy a triple hand of Deuces Wild Bonus, a superlative video poker variant with twos being wild plus enhanced wins being available on five of a kind wins.

Playing Triple Play Draw Poker, and selecting any one of these versions of video poker is very easy, and IGT have in this way also made video poker ever so much more exciting and, in fact comparable with the very best in slots play, when it comes to white-knuckle thrills.

Triple Diamond Slot Game Is One of IGT’s Classics

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International Game Technology, or IGT, has built a casino games empire on its slots games. The company produces mostly the more modern type of slot game, with interactive features, many pay lines and some with huge progressive jackpots. But the classic type of slot machine, with three reels, has never lost its popularity with certain players, and IGT releases some new games at intervals, to keep that interest flourishing.

Triple Diamond follows the success of Double Diamond, which is another popular title in IGT’s portfolio, and both have been a favourite at many land-based casinos for some years, and this version is a neat transformation to the online game.

Different Amounts of Credits Available

Triple Diamond is a three reel, nine pay line slot game, and features multiple lines, such as straights and diagonals, and also V styles. The symbols in the game are the Triple Diamond Logo, some colour bars and the lucky 7s. You will receive two credits if you land one Triple Diamond Logo symbol, and ten credits for two, and a good payout of two thousand credits for three Triple Diamonds. If you manage to land all three Triple Diamond Logos on the ninth pay line will be rewarded with the maximum payout of 25,000 credits.

Other symbols that give good payouts include three 7s, which pay out one hundred credits, three Yellow Bars which will give you forty credits, and three purple Bars which will pay out twenty credits. You will even get five credits for three black Bars and ten for finding three blue Bars. Up to forty five credits can be wagered per spin, and that means five credits per line.

Triple Diamond Logo also a Wild

The Bar symbols you will see a lot of, but every time the Triple Diamond slot Logo shows up, there is a possibility of some exciting wins. This symbol is half a symbol and half a Wild. It will pay you double your line bet by itself, but it can also be used as a Wild and can replace any other symbols in a winning combination. If you use one Triple Diamond Logo in a winning sequence your wins will be multiplied by three, and if you use two as Wilds you will receive a multiplier of nine times on all your wins. Three of these Logos on an active pay line will award you the top prize of 1,199 times your initial stake. The Triple Diamond Logo is the only symbol that will pay out when only one or two appear on an active pay lines. For classic slot games, Triple Diamond keeps the excitement and the action going while you try to catch those Wilds on the three reels.

Easy to Play Slot Game

This is a low variance real money slots Philippines game, but these multipliers will certainly help players to obtain some good payouts. Wins may not come very often, but when they do the payouts are worth it. The minimum and maximum bet will also allow players from all walks of life enjoy the Triple Diamond slot game. The game offers a large number of a pay lines for a classic slot game, with the consequent potential for large wins.